Saturday, June 23, 2007

Job interview

As I'm sure may of you know I was in a job interview yesterday for the OSSA. They are a great company and their work is very impressive. The thing that I found most surprising is that they are only 80 people. Out of everything they do I would expect a larger company to be able to do so much.

I thought the interview went great and everything went well. At the end of the interview I asked when everything would be settled for the job. To my surprise I found that they were going to be making a decision that night to who would move on to the next phase of the interview process. After leaving I was thinking how great it would be to hear Nicole call up and say "Great we would like to have you in next Monday for the technical review!". I was a little surprised when the call was "Thanks for coming and we think that you had some great skills but we don't think you would be a very good fit."

Damn job hunting.


Anonymous said...

Somehow TDWTF always comes up with something on-topic:

Phalse Impressions said...

I saw that Friday morning. It made me think about the interview a little sooner than I normally would have but I think it was a pretty funny story. Not often you hear people all out fleeing from a job offer.

Bubbles said...

(K) You'll find something perfect, don't worry.