Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Damn hot. So hot we have a little network cooking.

Ok not quite but until this stupidly warm temperature passes I have shut down as many electronics in the house as possible. So I have rearranged the network so at least I can get out along with the SO. Aside from that I have shut down all unnecessary network equipment and computers. This includes the FTP server because it does create quite a bit of heat.

In the mean time I found out that there are a bunch of new Final Fantasy games coming out in the near future. Final Fantasy 12 comes out in a few months, October 31, 2006 to be exact. Something new for me to play with :). I really enjoy the FF series but I'm still working on some of the older ones but the biggest problem now is trying to find the PS1 save card so I can actually play them.

I really have to finish up with FF7 as there is a movie that takes place two years after the game and a follow up game called "FF7: Dirge of Cereberus". It has a release date of August 7th but I haven't been able to find any more information on it with any quick search. I'm sure I will find something in the next few hours though. It isn't hard to find such information :)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Ah work....

Ok so before everyone starts commenting I haven't found employment yet but I have been looking steadily.

I have been working on a few systems as a "tech support guy" so it has at least provided a small source of income. Though it is strange to be paid in advance. Anyway the credit is almost over so that is good :)

Anyway I was going through the normal web comics and I found this....

"Always wear your gloves. That way, if you fall backwards as you make your entry into the water via a rockey shore, you won't stop your fall with your hands and scrape one of them across a patch of razor-sharp barnacles."

Sounds like something I would have said while down under considering the number of cuts that I got.

Anyway things are generally going well on my side of the wire so I can't complain at all :) I'm still waiting on my second interview notification from one employeer. I have been told it will happen but a time needs to be found. In theory I should be hearing about when tomorrow if all goes well :)

Until then it will be lots of me sitting at home dreaming of a job.