Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Finally it seems that the weather is breaking and I feel great for it. Sticking around in the house with the A/C blasting away is kind of deafening after a while. I do thank I&T for the A/C though it has really made the last week quite livable.

Last weekend the So and I went to a birthday party for my previous boss AK. She is a really great boss and we all had lots of fun in and out of the office so she is now both an ex-co-worker and a friend. Anyway there were many ex-employees there, I think the department is now down to three original people from when I was there. Most of the others have already left in the wake of my .... hasty departure :). Anyway there was a little shop talk there but most of it was humorous as it was more like "Guess who quit now?" kind of stories. The best quote for the night has to be from DQ: "I have never been as drunk as I am right now." This was then followed with another three hours of drinking. We all got seriously smashed that night but it was great. Oh CM your drunk speeches are the best along with TT's transcribing!

Anyway the party was great and I do thank AK and SK for hosting such a great party. I know I said it before but I'm saying it again! Any of you wanting photos let me know I can zip them all up and post them.