Monday, October 20, 2008


Ok some people might think it was foolish to start being the Guidebook Publisher and I laughed at them. This will be easier than I thought!

Whoa did I screw that up! I just got the information from the Academic Committee and it consists of 23 files. 10 jpeg files and 13 text documents is what makes their section of the guidebook. Now the interesting part ISN'T going to be integrating all the text files into a single file. Oh no that will be simple compared to the typing of all the 10 jpegs into actual text, they are images of text, and then adding them to the master document.

Now I can already hear the wise among you saying "Hey Phalse why don't you just use OCR?" Good question but the problem is that it is all in Greek! That and I don't own an OCR application.

Wish me luck on this one. It took about four hours to do the Athletic section which is only 17 pages long. I might be done before next year _IF_ I am lucky.