Friday, February 14, 2014

It's been a while....

....since I started working here.  I admit it the job is easy and the pay is ok but it kills me none-the-less.  A 90 minute commute each way was fine for the start.  In theory it was intended to be a four week contract that started in October and I was rolled over to full time in the following February.  I was happy I got the full time job because it was my first in five year, opposed to contract work.  Then the years started to go on and my second son was born.  As we happily agreed I took the second half of the one year we could share off.

Things changed .... A lot of things changed.  I realized after being off for a little over 6 months that this job was killing me more than I realized.  I was looking for a new job while I was off as I did have fragments of time to look while youngest was sleeping but nothing ever came to light.  I found I could either try to be a VP, not likely with my resume, or I could get an entry level position at a new place of work, not likely because my salary would be less than half of what I make now.

The beginning of this week marks my fourth year with this company.  It marks three years of me trying to get out for something closer to home and failing.  It almost marks, three weeks away now, my one year return from leave.  I feel that all my work over the past three years and only fetching one interview means I'm staying here for life.

A life that is slowly killing me in my 90 minute commute.  A life that is wearing me down faster than I should have to accept.  A life where even though I'm damn good at my job no one around seems to see value in my work.