Friday, March 31, 2006

The day's humor

Ok as usual I was working late last night and I stopped by a user's desk who had a simple question.

This/last week I have deployed about 10 new blackberries in the company upgrading various people's cell phones. Normally this is a simple proceedure especially when cell phone company does the upgrades correctly. Well this was an exception. It seems that when her cell phone was upgraded they forgot to carry forward the "Call display" feature.

So the two of us call up tech support and say "Hey I'm missing the call display can you please add it?" after a little bit of a discussion between the user and tech support it is agreed that it is wanted, far more effort than required really.

Anyway it turns out that the users are allowed to ADD any features that they want but they aren't allowed to remove any features without an authorized representitive!

Someone, ANYONE, please tell me how that makes sense!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Evening Humor

Ok most of you know that I have a real talent for wounding myself on blunt objects. I have done nasty damage to myself with cutting boards, tables, floors, human hair and the like. Naturally because of this talent I'm reasonably save against sharp or pointy objects like knives.

Anyway the humor for the day is that I managed to do some really painful damage to myself with a toothbrush. Didn't think it was possible but there ya go. Now laugh it up and make yourself feel better that no one could do worse than that.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Birthday fun

Well as many of you know I had my birthday a couple of weeks ago. We went out to a great italian place that is open buffet style. Yum! There was the usual family there as well as my cousin and hubby. We all ended up rolling out of there even though half of us had to leave early because of work related duties.

The following weekend Bubbles and I went S.C.U.B.A. diving. For anyone who hasn't done it I really suggest that you do it. It is a lot of fun! It is a lot of entertainment! It is scary. The fear isn't that bad though. The issue is that when you go under for the first few times you actually have to fight the instinct to not breathe. For your entire life you learn that breathing underwater is a bad then you have to. Kind of strange.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Mad Max and the Russian Mafia

Ok some of the stuff in the old place was just too big to move on my own or with a little help so I hired a moving company to help me get from a) to b). Since I had already moved most stuff out the movers were really taking care of the large things. A couple of desks, a queen size bed, a dresser and other large random junk.

Simple job for a moving company. Well it turns out that the movers got to the house before I did and man was I surprised when I saw them. They seriously looked like a couple of guys from the Russian mafia. They were a couple of brutes that easily moved everything that was put in front of them. Kind of scary really. They were a lot nicer with my stuff than my parents stuff when they moved a few years ago.

Posting and moving

Ok so it has been a while since I have posted but I have good reason to. Unalike those around me I will just make a bunch of smaller posts and let the comments individually be entered on a more topic based approach.

For the last week of February I was busy packing stuff up to move out of my old place and into my new one. The new place is great since it is about twice the floor space than the old place for only $200 more a month. A great deal I figure.

I did a bunch of pre-moving on this week to by bringing stuff over to Bubbles' parents place. This took a major load off the actual move since we managed to get rid of about 1/3 of all the stuff that had to be taken out of the old place.