Monday, March 06, 2006

Mad Max and the Russian Mafia

Ok some of the stuff in the old place was just too big to move on my own or with a little help so I hired a moving company to help me get from a) to b). Since I had already moved most stuff out the movers were really taking care of the large things. A couple of desks, a queen size bed, a dresser and other large random junk.

Simple job for a moving company. Well it turns out that the movers got to the house before I did and man was I surprised when I saw them. They seriously looked like a couple of guys from the Russian mafia. They were a couple of brutes that easily moved everything that was put in front of them. Kind of scary really. They were a lot nicer with my stuff than my parents stuff when they moved a few years ago.


Anonymous said...

What happened to your parents' stuff?

Phalse Impressions said...

It is still there. At least for the most part. Over the next little while I'll be draining both parents place of stuff.

First thing is first though. First I have to get all the stuff that I have here all sorted and shelved before going forward.

Bubbles said...

write to your mom about the pics

Anonymous said...

You said the movers were nicer with your stuff than with your parents' stuff. I wanted to know what they did to your parents' stuff.