Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Electronic Arts

First it was EA eating up as many smaller companies as it could consume. I liked Origin Software before it was eaten along with Bullfrog, Maxis and a few others.

Next this came to light. A position that I could sort of sympathise with considering my previous employment.

Now EA is supporting the use of spyware in their latest game.

Really do they think they can get away with this? I hope the unclean masses wake up and see what is going on. Anyway this is one more reason why I like my console.

Monday, October 16, 2006

How do you determine your life?

In the past 10 years or so it seems easier to define my life by a series of failures rather than successes. Keeping that in mind I still think that my life is a success. How does that work.

I hate Mondays. I could never figure them out.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Kindness in strange places

When I was headed to the bus stop this morning I found that the bus was already there and ran to get it. No more than three seconds away, while running, the bus pulls away leaving me in the rain. Grrrr. Anyway there was another bus right behind it that followed a similar route and the driver told me to get on. Not thinking clearly I did what was said and hopped on the bus that would have taken me elsewhere.

Well once I'm on board the bus the driver casually says "How else will you catch the bus?"

Thinking it through, a real challenge for 7:30am, I thought hey he is right. Anyway four bus stops later one bus passes the other and then I'm ahead of the bus I want :). I get off at the next stop and transfer busses.

"Thank you Mr. Bus Driver!", yes I did tell him directly but no harm in saying it again :)

Friday, October 06, 2006

Files everywhere....

Well I finally decided to sit down and take a look at my wide collection of junk that I have sitting on my file server. Let me tell you there are more sound files there than I can shake a stick at. 14 335 files actually if you wanted to know.

This has made me realize that I really do need more space if I keep chewing up disk space at this rate. Doesn't help that there are over 61 000 JPEG files most of which I'm sure are vacation photos or other random photos that have been taken at various events. I think we will really need another couple of these hard drives if we are planning on getting anything like this so really I guess there are a few more expenses left to go before the wedding expenses take over entirely. Oh the fun I will be having.

I found out why I can't figure people out. I'm a Sim. This also means that everyone I interact with are Sims.

On a side note I found VG Cats funny. I just found the comic strip and though horrible polictially incorrect most of the time, it is funny.

Monday, October 02, 2006


I can't figure them out. Though if I did I'm sure the galaxy would end and be rebuilt in an even crazier fashion, a la HHGttG.

Most people complain that they never have enough money and always look for ways of making their budget go just that little bit further. Well on my way back from a conference meeting the SO and I noticed that the ticket collector had to run to the bathroom and thus needed to abandon her post. Not an issue when nature calls how often do we say "Not right now!"? Anyway after she left we witnessed about 30 people go through the ticket booth, normally in pairs, and each person paid full fare when passing instead of just walking through. Some people even stopped in front of the collector booth, looked inside and saw no one there, rummaged through their pants/jackets and pulled out and displayed it to the non-exsistant collector.

I am really pleased to know that even though, litterly and no pun intended, people passed up a free ride to be honest.

Then there are things like my previous post.

Anyone else try to understand this world?