Sunday, January 21, 2007

End Post

I have been considering this for a little while and I have made up my mind. This will be my last post.

On that note .... "later folks".

Thursday, January 18, 2007

This just in....

Five seconds ago the "The Man" said that our contracts were extended until the end of April!

GTI 3 answer and 4 question

Well you have all asked for it. Here is the answer for GTI3. So the answer is a Uranium PU-36 Corn Fish! Sorry about the little hacks out of the image but it seems that I left lots of address related stuff on the picture so I cut it out.

Here is the next GTI:

This one is really undefined but you can all get it. If you haven't seen this you need to have your head examined :P When the new month comes I'll post the answer and the next question. I'll make it every two weeks the images.

Since this is the third post in the day can I say that I have unleashed the "Fully-Post-A-Matic"?

GTI Change

I decided to change the answer for the GTI to offsite links. Even having gobs of bandwidth made it difficult to get the entire page in good time and I want to be nice to my Dad who is on dialup. Anyway I made the changes retroactively for future consistency. The images still come from the same place so really it was just changing the HTML to be "A HREF=" lines from "IMG SRC" lines.

Something I haven't thought about is how long should I post the images before providing the answers. What sounds good? One week? Two? A month?


I stumbled across this when reading a Slashdot article about age in IT and if it actually impacts your employability (is that even a word??). The topic changed to how much of a problem it is to have a family in IT. The feeling in one thread was that "If you have family you can't work 18 hours a day and thus aren't any good to the company." The comments got to the point at citing someone's boss. It is a good picture and I think of a few people like it :P

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Guess That Image 2 and 3

Ok here is the answer.

And here is the next image....

Let the guesses fly!