Thursday, March 10, 2011

Whooping Cough no more!

So about a month ago where Baby E goes for day care there was a confirmed diagnosis of Whooping Cough. Last week I came down with a severe cough and feared that it might be whooping so I have been working from home. Well I just got back from the doctor's and it is her opinion that it is just an acute case of bronchitis that I had poorly timed with the possible onset of whooping. Well with a clean bill of health I will be headed back to the office tomorrow and reconnect with the people there.

For as great as it was to be able to work from home, sleep in an extra two hours, 30 second commute vs. 75 minutes, PJ ware vs. business casual, there are definitely aspects of actually being in the office that I miss. One of those things is the interaction with other people, especially those I'm trying to help. Somewhere along the way it all kind of gets disjointed and work becomes work and not the fun that it is in the office. Well tomorrow at lunch I get to pick up some drugs for myself and baby, same thing actually just different dosages, over lunch and try to have a nice and relaxing day.