Monday, February 20, 2006

Job security

Let it be known that you saw it here first!

Ok so the place that I currently work has really great job security. Not many people actually leave here unwilling. Most people actually leave on their own accord. There have been a few people that have lost their jobs some rightfully so. Others because they actually did their job and no one liked it. The problem when you want a "Yes man" instead of an effective manager.

Anyway events of late have really pointed to the fax that my employment here may not be as long as I would like it to be. Anyway I know this isn't a problem because sometimes this place is really depressing. Eg out of the three people in my cubicle area all three agree that being at a funeral is less depressing than working here.

So my going bet right now is that by May I won't have a job here. Hopefully that will be true because then I can be in Austrilia without thinking about the office and spend my settlement package out there (yes I know I shouldn't do that before you financial/commerce people tell me)

Monday, February 13, 2006

Good news

My place is actually getting clean. I mean I might actually be able to see the floor in a little while :) I figure that this will be more true when I manage to get the recycling out. I have three garbage bags full of the stuff so it will be nice to see it all gone.

Parts of the house are nicely packed up right now so at least it looks like there is an effort going forth to move out. I figure if all goes well I should have at least the entertainment room packed up, minus computers, by the end of the week. Now that the floor is visible I can put boxes on it :)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A cure for AIDS?

THIS! is incredible. A potential cure for AIDS?

Over all I'm impressed. I just hope that it turns out to be everything that people think is it.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Micorosoft support

Sure they are great and get you an answer but why does it have to take more than 2 hours to solve the question of:
I can't delete a folder in windows explorer in a junction
I can delete it anywhere else.

I didn't think it was a difficult question. I guess I thought wrong. Well I'm up to 122 minutes now. Still waiting....

*falls asleep waiting for microsoft*