Friday, June 29, 2007

Finally figuring it out

Ok so for a long time now people have been asking "What can I do to help with the wedding?" because:

  • It's a wedding and intended to be a huge event
  • My brother and wife threw their's together in four months
  • There is a lot to do

    For an equally long time I have been saying "Nothing everything is under control" because:

  • We have been arranging this for the better part of two years now
  • Mostly it is just contacting the responsible people and getting them to "make it happen"
  • Two years is a lot of time to get everything in motion for the most part
  • We are generally not that picky about the way things are done, if things are just off electric blue we won't panic
  • We have lots of friends actually taking care of various aspects of the wedding and we all casually talk about it

    So really for all those that think they should be doing "more". There is already enough more going around it is just so thin that no one really sees it. Ha. I guess that is the way it should be. However, for those who really want more wait until the last two days because then there will be enough more to go around.

    Oh in case it hasn't been mentioned yet for all you happy groomsmen out there. You are also bouncers/security enforcement for the wedding .... just in case :)

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