Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Ok I wanted to post the answer to the "Guess This Image" but I don't have it here at work so I will post it tonight.

Anyway I found this posting on Slashdot. It seems that some police virtually/did assault a student at UCLA. Someone managed to catch it on their video cell phone and recorded about six minutes of the process. Watch the video at your own despair! The event surrounds a guy who gets hit with a tazer FIVE times! This isn't pretty but, it is surprising that the police carried this out in a library with what looks like about 50 students watching. One student is threatened with a tazering after they ask for the officer's badge number. This falls nothing short of police brutality.

Yes it is noted that the student makes things difficult for other students by finding the most difficult solution to a simple problem but it is no excuse for what the police did to him. Anyway while watching it I think I would probably try to intervene but someone noted that it probably would have been better to call 911 and say "there are people dressed like police officers assaulting a student!"

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