Friday, November 03, 2006

Final Fantasy XII

Ok so I should have posted it for a couple of days now but lets get on with it.

First: WOW! and I don't mean WoW I mean "How did Square-Enix squeeze this kind of production out of hardware so old?"

Second: The strategy guide that I picked up with the game is about an inch think of 10" x 11" paper. Just a little bigger than normal paper.

Third: How can they draw all the complicated stuff from all the previous FF games put it in a blender and come out with something simpler?

Seriously the graphics in this are impressive. There is no more an area map and then a combat field like all the previous ones but it is all one big world now. For as cool as that is it also means that you can plan your battles better or just avoid them outright.

The only issue that I seem to have at this point is they way the skills are setup. First you have to get enough experience to get a skill then you have to buy the skill to use it. Seems like a double catch to do one skill. So far it isn't that bad and if this is my only complaint so far I'm doing well :)

Now excuse me while I have no life for the next month while I finish the game.

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