Monday, May 01, 2006

The Prophecy

Well who would have thought it would come true.

It seems what I spoke about back on Feb20 did occur. I am now a member of the non working class. The funny thing about it is that I am happy. There is much to say on the subject but be aware I won't say anything here. There is a lot of paper work for me to review since I have no exited the company unwillingly.

The good news is this. At least the parting package that I am getting will be given to me over the next normal pay period that means in the middle of the month I will get a nice little bonus.

Now before all you legal folk out there start saying "This is agreement to terms for my release", the paperwork that needs to be worked on is the agreement. Dianna said that since this is a minimum amount that needs to be paid I am entitled to it anyway but if I am going for more then that is taken up later.

In the mean time I have a no strings attached vacation and I'm planning on enjoying it.

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Anonymous said...

When you're working out your terms get a reference letter.