Sunday, May 07, 2006

Annual conference

Well I just finished up with my annual May conference. It was a whole lot less stressful this year compared to previous years though this is pretty normal for us. Every year we get some process hammered out or created so things go that little bit smoother. This year we did a lot of little things and everything took a lot less time than normal. This is a good thing since it is just what I needed. Some good time to slowly wind down.

As most of you are probably wondering I haven't made it out to of town yet but I am starting to time shift my body clock so that is why I'm posting at near 2am :)

On the bright side I should at least be half way changed by the time we land and that is a good thing considering it is 15 hours offset from the current time zone.

Anyway I will try to post pictures when I can while I'm away. I figure it would be nice if we put all the digital equipment to work for us LOL

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