Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Good news

Most of this is a recap from Easter but this is the first time that I have had a chance to write anything. Thank 45+ hours of overtime since the start of the month.

Anyway the good news.

1) I'm going to be an uncle in October
2) My adopted cousin found his birth family and is now talking with them happily
3) My brother and wife are trying to aquire a house because of point 1
4) Another cousin is in the process of getting a new place so she can run a day care
5) My uncle's operation went well and he is recovering just fine
6) Someone is going to the next phase of school

I think that is all of the happiness right now.


Anonymous said...

You have received

ONE (1)

general congrats

to be used for all pertinant news items of interest. Keep refridgerated. Expiry date: April 27/06.


Bubbles said...

LOL :)

also, S and M's new baby is 3 months old and doing well, cousin who is planning to start a daycare also had successful surgury and is completely recovered, S and M also bought a house and are moving in June, and Grammy's chemo is going well.