Thursday, June 26, 2008

Blizzard Entertainment

Ok as far as I know everyone that reads my blog either likes or loves Blizzard Entertainment. Now it looks like they are on the verge of releasing new information about an upcoming game. If you go to the website you are given just a simple jpeg which has been growing over the days. This has been going on for not one, two, three, but four days. Judging by the still incomplete image it will go on for at least a fifth day. People are saying that it will be the news release for Diablo 3 while others are saying new Warcraft. There is lots of guesses all over the web but really for me it looks like they are just creating a new splash screen and seeing what people say. Nothing like a good teaser to get people going. I do have to ask though if it is D3 what is left to do? Seriously the plot is over now that the three prime evils are dead. Sure the Worldstone is destroyed but they could leave that world as is. Heaven help me, Bubbles, and our bank account if it is World of Diablo.


Bubbles said...


Anonymous said...

*suits up in his armour and starts to knock on Hell's door*

Ya it's me _again_ I'm not done kicking your ass yet let me in!

Anonymous said...

Graphics look good.

Bubbles said...

They certainly do :)

Anonymous said...

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