Thursday, August 21, 2008

New stuff

Ok so it has been a while since I posted I readily admit that. So here is a short post just to keep some people in the look.

As noted by my other half, we went to an international conference followed by whale watching for our first year anniversary. This was exciting and interesting. The conference gave me some time to actually explore the city which was easy for the first couple of days but it rained on day three.

We are also changing the moving plan today because as of the new month I will be working at a previous employer's place. This is an easy out for both of us as we were both looking for something and found each other. Naturally this makes the current transportation arrangement unsupportable. So as of the first we are moving at least the bed and most of our kitchen stuff. So anyone who wants to help us move feel free to drop me/us a line and we will find you something to do :P

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