Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Post conference

Well this year's goal was to spend less time managing the conference and more time enjoying the conference. I would like to post a big "Mission Complete" to that task. This year I had seen at least twice as more this year as I had in previous years. This made it far more enjoyable. I think in the progress of doing that though I might have annoyed a few people. The biggest time saver this year was instead of waiting around for things to be done I just enjoyed the conference. After dinner I then attended to my duties which I normally did over the day. This resulted in much more time away. For the Thursday and Friday days this didn't impact the flow of the conference that much as our committee doesn't actually have a noticeable impact until the very end.

Overall I think this year was better than most except for "The Issue" that occurred. Really it shouldn't have but what ever. Each year has an issue just sometimes it is something bigger than other years.

The craziness that normally happens in our little pocket on Saturday didn't occur this year. Actually it was quite relaxed. The only problem was that it took a while for us to get the Athletic group out due to an unexpected clause that I missed in the report. Once I got around to that it was quickly fixed.

I'm not looking forward to the wrap up meeting this year. To say "fur will fly" and "stuff will hit the fan" I think will be an understatement.


Anonymous said...

Was I one of the people you annoyed?

Anonymous said...

Did you say you were annoyed?

I know it bothered MT when I was away for an extended period of time.

I enjoyed it enough that I think I'll do it again next year as well. It gives me a chance to go out and take videos and photos.