Tuesday, May 27, 2008

All things conference

Ok so the conference post meeting wasn't too bad. Out of everything that happened only one person stepped out of line and it was someone's right hand. Over all things were quite civil and it seemed like things were actually getting accomplished. Well this was true until I looked back and reflected on it. Actually out of all the pressing issues they were all delayed to be taken up at the end of the meeting which came early because we ran out of time. So like every other meeting important issues were unresolved. However, this year they will change that and it has been agreed that a meeting take place over the summer to resolve some of the more pressing issues. That will be about as fun as doing your own appendectomy.

The good thing about this meeting is that everyone agreed that they will try to step in and help when and where they can when they see and opportunity. This might actually make the conference go better next year or it might make things a complete mess depending on the kind of "helpful" people become. I think it will make a vast improvement to the conference and the year should go better than most. All praise the new conference year! May the year of the joint hosting of schools 10 and 22 be the best yet!

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