Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Morning funnies

When I walked into work I saw the funnies thing. The building I'm at we have a concourse level where everyone parks outside and then we go up to the ground level for all important things. Well on the retaining wall between the lower concourse level and the actual ground floor there were a "silly goose". He was staring at the building which is mirrored and complaining highly at the goose that he saw in the building. As geese do he was very loud about it too. Very funny seeing the goose get all bent out of shape about his reflection.

I found this at Worse Than Failure today. Best search string for Google ever. "how to hook up a hose to a kitchen sink". The best is the "Did you mean:" section.

Oh the toaster oven of doom in the office has been taken away :(

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Bubbles said...

good bye toaster oven of doom (wave)