Monday, April 30, 2007

Last day of work

So I have finished my last day working at CGI under contract. I have to admit that working with those people was a good experience. The team, approximately 20, is a really friendly group that works well together. They joke around and act more as a bunch of friends than co-workers. This made for a really comfortable atmosphere that I enjoyed going to every day.

Since I was contract the only overtime I had to deal with was when a specific issue needed to be solved by the end of the day. I think the worst day was 3 hours overtime. There is something to be said about working in a 24x7 environment then changing to a 9 to 5er job. Somehow it doesn't seem like enough work gets done in a day and I should be at home writing e-mails or other support events.

The good news is it seems that my team leader, Dave, really enjoyed having me there and thought I would make a good addition to the team. The bad news is that they don't have any openings right now. The good news is that they are working on that and trying to create an opening for some new team members. The bad news is that they don't know when that will be. The good news is that I will be given first dibs on the position.

Ok good news comes out on top. I guess that is great then right?

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