Friday, March 02, 2007


Ok so last night trying to get home was interesting. I left the office at 15:30 to pick up the SO from her office. A nice little 15 minute drive .... Well at least until the weather decided to make driving stupidly slow. I got to her office at 17:00. Now in all fairness I did take a wrong turn which prolonged the drive by about an extra 30 minutes by my guess. Oh well.

Now came the fun part. Getting to the gas station before running out of gas. I should have done this in the morning but I wasn't thinking too clearly.

We stopped by a Sunoco for gas but it was out of gas :( It seems that the fuel shortage caused by Esso's refinery created a more global shortage than I thought of. Darn.

So we continue heading home in hopes of finding a gas station before running out of gas. We did. Oddly enough it was a Esso. I filled the tank at a whopping $36 and went inside to get some dinner. Normally this would have taken about 10 minutes to make it this far down the road. Nope not because of the weather this time. Almost an hour later we managed it *sigh*

We continued home and stopped in a Chinese place for food at 19:00. Again this drive should have taken us about 20 minutes. Ate while the snow stopped. All was looking up again. Until we got outside and realized that the snow had stopped because the freezing rain had started. *sigh* Looks like it will be a longer drive home. We got home at about 20:00. All this from a drive that only should have taken an hour tops, not 4.5 hours.

Now I'm staying home by advice of both the fire and police department because the roads are so bad.


Anonymous said...

Looks like this was a long post. Sorry folks.

Anonymous said...

My driving lesson was cancelled today. Guess why. :)