Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Ok so right now I have a mess of things on my plate. Conference related issues need to be resolved before too long. This is more work than I feel up to doing. I have already done some of the simpler stuff but the real functionality tests still need to be done.

Really I'm just tired. I blame my lack of sleep.

Something else that makes me bored is my job. I just don't do enough there. I'm better than what I'm doing. *sigh* At least they pay me well enough so it doesn't bother me all the time. I guess just I'm feeling a little down about being in a job that doesn't seem to have any forward potential.


Anonymous said...

Darn. Post registration doesn't work under WindowsXP :( Or at least my installation.

Everything else is working well.

Anonymous said...

Ok so really I'm lacking a good challenge in the work place. Nothing says exciting like extending someone's network permissions.

Anonymous said...

What conference-related issues? Anything I'm supposed to know about?

Anonymous said...

If you really want to know I squashed a bug last night. Aside from that everything is going well :)