Friday, December 01, 2006


I just read in the paper an article about Windows Vista being the best thing since sliced bread, [insert continuing Microsoft propaganda]. The best part is that as usual they our touting the new innovations in Vista. This is not the funny part though. The funny part is that at the very end of the article it is commented:

"Microsoft doesn't have to be the leader. They are a fast follower," Sharwood said.

Now can anyone tell me how one can be a leader in innovation but always be a "fast follower"? I'm stumped on this one.

Yes I do also know that Microsoft has always been a follower when it comes to most of their R&D but don't they think that they should stop trying to push the "We are innovation gods" angle and start changing their line to "Doing what Apple and Linux have been doing for years!"

If anyone really wonders I will be doing my best to not adopt Vista. I'll be moving over to Fedora or something like that. This has less to do with my growing anti-Microsoft views and more of the "Have you read their license agreement!" view. Sorry Microsoft you just lost one more customer. I'll stick with my Windows 2000 and Windows XP boxes for playing games but aside from that I have no interest in anything new you have to offer.


Anonymous said...

"Hi! I'm a Mac."
"And I'm a PC."

I'm not planning on buying a new compter for a year or two, but when I do, guess what my next purchase is likely to be? (Hint: Macs can also dual boot Linux.)

Phalse Impressions said...

Ya I'm really liking the sexy look of the new Mac Books. From what I understand they are a lot better in most respects anyway. UI to performance they are better. I just found the real reason why I would move to to make my problems easier. You can actually get OpenOffice on the Mac so the only productivity suite that I use could come across with me. Mmmm....ODF.