Saturday, September 23, 2006

Stupid + Cat = Five

This is actually obvious math to anyone who has actually watched our cat for more than a minute. More often than not he finds new ways of proving he isn't quite "with it". So for your review I will submit the following evidence....

Example A:
Cat jumps off back of couch to get fly on wall on the cupboards. Failing to note that flys move frequently he lands head first into them at about 3 feet above ground and falls.

Example B:
Most cats like to chase their tails, this is accepted. This cat likes to chase the shadow of his tail and gets upset when he can't catch it.

Example C:
The cat likes chase the back of bags. The back of bags really. Anyway he will dive in head long into the bag and propell himself with his back feet until he hits a wall, again head first.

Signs of a stupid cat? I think so.


Anonymous said...

In contrast, our cats are so smart that they even put their toys away when they are done playing with them! Well, not all the time, but sometimes. There's a particular corner that they pile them up in. Sammy put a live mouse there once so that he could come back and play with it later, and was very upset when it disappeared!

Anonymous said...

Awww... more Sam 'n Isaac stories, please. I miss them.

Bubbles said...

Having spent even a limited amount of time w/ Sam'n Isaac I will agree that they are at least 20x smarter than 5 :P

5 doesn't recognize the cat of food we feed him from. He knows that it comes out of the fridge and that if we bang on the can with a knife it's for him. He also knows that the cans come from the skid in the hall cupboard and go to the fridge. However, if you stand in front of him with a knife and a can he doesn't react until you bang the can with the knife. then he won't stop meowing until you feed him.

most of the time he watches you put the food in the dish then follows you back into the kitchen and meows until you carry him back to the food dish and place his face in the food to prove it's there and he can eat it.

that was longer than i was planning :S

Anonymous said...

MotivatedTea can tell you stories about feeding Sammy. *grin*