Friday, September 01, 2006

Blogging speech

Ok I forgot to add in a small thing when posting last. So think of this as two posts in one day to make up for the single post from last month.

Anyway I have been going around and reading many bloggers site's and I am really surprised. Some are very well written and articulate, not mine ;), while others use what could be closely compared to as leet-speek. Oddly enough the articulate ones are good as they can be read easily and normally stick to a point and don't end up to be rambling stories about anything.

The l33t-speakers among us bloggers make reading very difficult. I tried reading one person's blog about the attempt at dating a guy but it was so difficult to read that I had to give up after a paragraph. I stumbled across this from Bloggers main page as a "recently updated blog" so I wasn't searching for this.

I just ask that for those people posting in this world, I do mean the whole world not my circle of friends, please keep things simple. Language rules were developed so we can communicate but if you throw those away we can't communicate. (Insert "Tower of Bable here comments). Sure I know that L33t-speak has it's use. No one likes typing out long lines on a cell phone but for those blogging? Really when was the first time you heard someone posting from a cell phone? Really! You have an entire keyboard, use it!

Yes I know this wasn't well thought out but I think that is fair since it is before 8am.

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