Monday, October 06, 2014

Been a while ....

Ok so I had hopes that by giving up Facebook I would post more. Looks like that didn't come true. So the hope now is that I at least post a few times a year. I guess we will see on that front. Anyway I just thought I would comment on the crappy Monday I am having. Woke up this morning with the alarm going off thinking: "Why isn't someone else dealing with that?" Then coming to the slow realization that it is Monday and I am the one that should be dealing with that. I get to work at long last feeling that today I might actually get something done but I feel so uninspired that I'm actually getting very little done. I'm busy sure but I could be far more productive. In a way I guess it is just because I feel undervalued here. I have been here for pretty much five years and I have asked for formal training, and not even denied just ignored, so often that I have now given up asking for some. This just feels crappy and I don't think it will change? After all why should it? Management changed and still all my requests are ignored. *sigh* I am told that things will get better in life "they always do" but where I sit right now in my tired, exhausted, and trying to keep my sanity I'm not sure how. I wish I could job hunt but the cover letters I write now don't even look good to me so I know they won't look good to an HR person let alone a technical person. I want to pull the chute and get out but I don't think I even have a backpack on right now.

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