Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shopping for something ....

I need some INSIGHT about a small thing. I'm looking for something SWIFT but still something suitable for a CIVIC minded guy like me. I was thinking something like an INTREPID EXPLORER that could cover both TOWN & COUNTRY from the YUKON to MONTANA but that kind of EXCURSION doesn't seem to suit me. Can anyone help me come to an ACCORD? I'm not looking for it now but maybe after the next EQUINOX or the one after. Please send me your TORRENT of answers if you have any suggestions for me. All I know is that I don't need anything large because I don't GOLF. Perhaps I just need a little international flare with a FUSION of something else for a hybrid answer.
(Some days I think I'm just too funny)

Seriously a good sedan is what I'm looking for and if it drinks more than 6.0L/100KM I'm not interested. I'm thinking the Honda Civic Hybrid or the VW Jetta TDI any other suggestions? Companies I should look at or some that I should avoid?

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Janene said...

VW is expensive to maintain (coming from my Dad, retired mechanic, who should know), despite being good on mileage per km.

I have a Toyota Corolla and I love it. I think my mileage is about 6L/100kms, but not too sure. Durable, reliable car. Prices are decent atm, too, so you could probably pick up a Camry for minimal cost. Love love love a Camry. Good car.