Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fun times

Well as Bubbles and I noticed the furnace wasn't acting up to par over the past little while. The heat exchanger was popping and creaking when the furnace turned on. Heat output on the second floor was marginal at best and when the heat did come up it was only on for a few seconds before the furnace turned off again.

With all that we decided that we needed a new one. This was the plan but it was next year's plan not this years :( Anyway we got the new one installed yesterday, along with a new water heater, and everything is going along just fine. The house is a more normal temperature and better regulated cycle to cycle. Tomorrow's experiment will be if I actually drain the hot water tank when I take a shower, I could with the old one and it was only for half an hour.

Before everyone is up in arms about "Why not get them fixed?" it should be noted that both were house original pieces which dated them at about 26 years of age. Both have had their due and could be replaced without shame. Besides you can't get parts for a "Clare" furnace any more.

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