Sunday, March 02, 2008

A little update

Ok I have my domain back and it is actually working. I have been responding to various e-mails and what not since it has been back online.

As most people know when you first get a job there is a certain probation period that you are in where both parties have an option of ending the working relationship without notice or reason. Well Monday would have marked the passing of that time at my employment but it seems I won't be there to see it. As management said they didn't think I was the "right fit" for the company. So I'm out looking again for employment and we shall see how that goes. Anyone know of a company hiring a Windows System Administrator? If anyone wants to see my public resume you can find it here.


Anonymous said...

Ack, sorry to hear that.. That's pretty cold of them to leave that to the friday before, even if they're technically allowed to.

Anonymous said...

Bubbles and I had a long talk last night and we agree that it is actually for the better. There were issues there that I'm not sure if they could be resolved.

The problem lay with my manager. He had a couple of issues that he wouldn't let go of even when directly confronted. Chiefly his lack of ability to communicate. I worked under one manager that couldn't communicate and it didn't end well so I'm willing to just let this one go.