Monday, December 10, 2007

A week of work

Ok I have now done six days of work at my new place and it has made me very happy.

The people there are very receptive to having new team members join. It is a small enough organization that I will eventually get to know everyone there. It is great and filled with many learning opportunities which is what drove me there in the first place.

Naturally there is a down side to every place that you work. So far the one I have found is it seems that there are boxes of doughnuts at every turn. This is a test of will to see how long I can hold out without over indulging myself. The company really knows how to keep T.H. in business.

I can see a lot of things that I can do at the company both as my hired role of Network Administrator and as System Administrator. Some will take some convincing while I hope others will be much easier but I won't know until I try. It is times like this I wish I payed more attention to what Luc was doing in years gone by.

The best I can say is I'm happy to work there and I can see a me spending a long time there. Previous posts I had held always had an iffy feel about them but not here. I'm happy and I think I will stay awhile.


Anonymous said...

Glad you're happy.

Any time you need to offload some Boston Creams, remember that I am hereby offering to sacrifice myself to assist you in your endeavour to resist by eating them on your behalf. Because that's just the kind of selfless person I am. :)

Anonymous said...

Rejoice: "The Daily WTF" is now once again called "The Daily WTF"!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.