Monday, May 07, 2007

Conference reprise

Ok the conference is now over and everyone is tired and wants to sleep. On the good side I did sleep for a stupid long time last night and I'm feeling better this morning. I'm sitting in the SO's office right now figuring out what to do next.

Conference was good and lots of new ideas came out that should hopefully make next year an easier year to manage from the Scoring perspective. For the most part it was a flawless year except for a few awards that were causing issues at the very end which made everyone stay up later than anyone wanted to.

A few stats for people:

Lines of Code:
  • Scoring: 534
  • Reporting: 1597
  • Post Web Registration: 1141

    Number of Records:
  • .... of Participants: 478
  • .... of Staff: 99
  • .... of Events: 98
  • .... of Results: 1239

    Other stats:
  • .... of hours writing last minute reports: more than 12
  • .... movies watched: 0
  • .... of pizzas ordered: 2

    Until next year folks enjoy the time off for next years preperation!


    Anonymous said...

    Forgot to mention that photos are coming soon. Once I get a good run of good pictures.

    For all those complaining about resolution I'll step it down to 1024x768 if it will make you happy ;)

    Anonymous said...

    Number of Scantron cards processed: 1213