Friday, February 23, 2007

Stupid work things

I'm not referring to anything that would be Dilbertian. I'm talking about just dumb things. I was wandering around the office today because the helpdesk system crashed, yet again, and I had some time to kill. Well it seems that the floor here has two little kitchens. That is fine because it is a decently populated floor. The stupid thing is that one kitchen has a toaster, that works, and the one close to me has a toaster oven that is a safety hazard.

The toaster oven can't be on while the door is closed. One must keep the oven door open so the trip switch will be in the off state. Needless to say I think this is a fire hazard as it is stupid to have to use the toaster oven open for it to work. *sigh*

Back to staring at my helpdesk screen waiting for it to come back online. *yawn* I already did everything else today that was on my hit list
- Renew license plates
- Figure out parking ticket issue
- Setup DVD burns to get stuff off FTPServ's hard drives
- Play fun games

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