Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Ok most people are probably complaining about my lack of posting. Well for the most part I have been letting the SO take care of that. You can check out the recent trip on her blog. That should get you mostly up to speed with the trip. There are still parts of it that need to be added to so keep reading as I think there is a new post every couple of days.

As for things in my world, I'm currently staying in a friends place in L as convocation was yesterday and we needed a place to crash for the night. Now that we are done crashing, well I am at least, plans are being made to visit a friend of mine from years past KY and AY. It will be fun to see what they are up to these days as there has been a lot of time to catch up on.

Convocation was a blash for the most part the only issue was having each of the students given their degrees. This took quite some time even though they were called in batches of three. Oh well it gave me some good nap time LOL. Many pictures later and an hour of video later everything was completed.

It should be noted that for the time being we are still adjusting to the cat as it is quite a strange cat. I have hopes of being able to get one of the little video segments up about him chasing after a paint spot on the floor. It is kind of funny watching him go at it. Even funnier seeing that he eventually loses 3-0 to it.

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