Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Oh Bell, will you ever get it right?

Ok so as a few people probably noticed I have an interesting Bell issue.

Back in May I got my phone line transfered from L to T. One would imagine that this is a simple process. That wasn't the case and there were many calls to Bell about getting the line transfered. This on it's own can be a rant but this would be 6 months too late so I won't bother. After it got transfered it turns out that the phone line in both locations then started to work. Again a few calls to Bell to try to get this straightened out was met with "Bell the wise" saying "We can't do that." Not sure what they ment but just kind of let it go. At least I got my phone line and I could make calls at will once again.

Last month I gave up Bell completely, mostly because of service like the above, one can only hear "Sorry we can't give you a phone line at that address even though you are calling from there." excuse so many times before you start to realize that the people that are are dealing with can't find their ass with both hands and a mirror.

Well Bell sent me a final bill to cover the disconnect and final long distance calling that I had done for the month. Fine all is good. I paid the bill and made the mistake that I would never hear from them again. On Monday I got another bill from Bell. First thought was "Oh the mailman didn't want to deliver this to the right address no problem. I'll just file under "R" for recycle....No wait. It has my name on it? This isn't right. I get inside the house and find out that I have now been charged for 4 month of long distance from a phone I don't own. I wouldn't mind this if it was only $2 because it wouldn't be enough to squable about but it is close to $150!

Anyway tomorrow I will call Bell and find out what kind of drugs they are on and ask if they are willing to share. I figure this way I can at least come half way to find out how I got charged for stuff I didn't do.

....Maybe if they don't agree with me I will invoice them for $200 for technical services rendered in repair of their.... um .... automatic banana pealer.


Bubbles said...

you forgot to mention that this bill is for a time that you already got billed for and there are long distance charges from one 416 number to another 416 number.

Anonymous said...

Tsk, tsk... Not a single posting in December. I've got a great idea for a New Year's Resolution.