Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Servers and their joy

Ok I am helping a company move into a co-location here in town but because of some wacky settings that are going to be used I need to use the server in my office first. Nice and simple right. So I pick up the server and I go for about a 15 minute walk around down town.

Now someone in reason I think would at least stare at me odd with a 1U server under my arm but nothing. Not even either of the security guys batted an eye. Oh well at least it was fun walking around with a nice server in my hands....Even if it isn't mine.


Bubbles said...

you should just bring home the cluster and ignore security when you do. you probably won't have a problem. if you do you can tell them to talk to a and she can deal w/ it :P

Anonymous said...

Let that be a lesson to everyone. If you want to steal computer equipment, make sure you doing during the day when everyone is watching.

(Ummm.... but you should probably do something about the security cameras, first.)