Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A new post coming soon!

Silly but that is me.

Anyway I'm still catching up with all my work from my week off so I will write about all the good stuff tonight when I get home.

So much to discuss. Wedding "A" which was S&D and wedding "B" which was T&I.

Stay tuned!


Bubbles said...

speaking of tuned, can you set the bunny ears back up on the tv in my apt instead of a and m's? then they can come over and watch tv at our place all the time and i won't feel like i'm crashing their place so much :)

Anonymous said...

Won't you feel that they're crashing your place, instead?

Phalse Impressions said...

Better have a party either way :)

As for the new post I seem to be distracted with "The Bard's Tale" right now which is slowing me down.

Bubbles said...

we're basically treating the 2 apartments as a 4 bedroom apartment and locking the door to 'not be home' when we don't want to be crashed, so no. i just feel bad that i'm always here and they're never there 'casue our place is REALLY messy right now.

*sigh* i knew it would slow you down...just for the record i'm sure i said it at some point before this started...don't get distracted by video games! of course, that would be like telling me to read the 600 pgs i have to get through in the next 5 days, not comment on your blog :P you could bring the ps2 here, that would solve your problem. mine too if you didn't bring any of the games :)

Anonymous said...

It is great to hear something new and I am starting to make some expectations. Because this blog has been consistently good, there is no way that the next posts are better.