Friday, July 29, 2005

The past week and future days

As I'm sure most of you know for the past week I have been otherwise occupied.

Last Wednesday my Grandmother passed away and I was taking a little timeout from the usual stuff and thought about stuff. Since the days have been busy I can say that I haven't been alone and I haven't just been sitting around wasting my time.

- Wednesday to Saturday I was actually thinking about my Grandmother and all the things that did over her life

- Sunday I just spent some time out and about getting things together and having fun with Bubbles

- Monday we were with Bubbles' family and celebrating her Mom's birthday

- Tuesday spent time with PM, MT playing Munchkin and feeling much better being in the company of friends

- Wednesday I spent with IB&TS having our dinner time get together and catch up. We too played Munchkin

- Thursday I headed back to work and realized that nothing was done on all the important things that needed doing

- Friday a small crowd of us will be headed to "Shakespear in the park" to see a play

So that is the past week in a nut shell. The long weekend will be fun as Bubbles and I will be headed up to the family cottage to spend some quality time together. Most of the JR brood will be up there too so it will add to a certain measure of fun. Nothing like a bunch of young kids, one who thrives off negative feedback it seems, and two dogs. We will be bringing a tent so we can sleep outside if need be.

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Bubbles said...

you forget :) we also played munchkin on mon at mom's birthday!