Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Kindness in strange places

When I was headed to the bus stop this morning I found that the bus was already there and ran to get it. No more than three seconds away, while running, the bus pulls away leaving me in the rain. Grrrr. Anyway there was another bus right behind it that followed a similar route and the driver told me to get on. Not thinking clearly I did what was said and hopped on the bus that would have taken me elsewhere.

Well once I'm on board the bus the driver casually says "How else will you catch the bus?"

Thinking it through, a real challenge for 7:30am, I thought hey he is right. Anyway four bus stops later one bus passes the other and then I'm ahead of the bus I want :). I get off at the next stop and transfer busses.

"Thank you Mr. Bus Driver!", yes I did tell him directly but no harm in saying it again :)


MotivatedTea said...

I see The Daily WTF made it to your "Daily Humor" list. :)

Phalse Impressions said...

After the Virtudyne story how could I not keep reading it. That is increadible!