Monday, October 02, 2006


I can't figure them out. Though if I did I'm sure the galaxy would end and be rebuilt in an even crazier fashion, a la HHGttG.

Most people complain that they never have enough money and always look for ways of making their budget go just that little bit further. Well on my way back from a conference meeting the SO and I noticed that the ticket collector had to run to the bathroom and thus needed to abandon her post. Not an issue when nature calls how often do we say "Not right now!"? Anyway after she left we witnessed about 30 people go through the ticket booth, normally in pairs, and each person paid full fare when passing instead of just walking through. Some people even stopped in front of the collector booth, looked inside and saw no one there, rummaged through their pants/jackets and pulled out and displayed it to the non-exsistant collector.

I am really pleased to know that even though, litterly and no pun intended, people passed up a free ride to be honest.

Then there are things like my previous post.

Anyone else try to understand this world?

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Purple Mangos said...

Actually, most people who complain about not having enough money turn their noses up at ways to make the budget go a little bit further (as pointless, since their need for money is so much more vast than that) and spend whatever they do get on big-ticket items that they "need" (or at the very least "are entitled to").

Anyway, we already knew about the people paying for subways when they don't have to, since it happened when they went on strike last summer and refused to enforce ticket collection, and everyone except the wealthier middle class middle-aged men took advantage of it.