Wednesday, April 11, 2007


The great thing about typing everything out is that I can actually proof things before actually committing them to paper/message. Now I have noticed that lately I have had random punctuation creeping into my typing. I have been getting ? in places where . should be like wise random ! have been showing up.

I need a vacation. Thank goodness in 3 weeks I'll have at least two weeks off.


MotivatedTea said...

Just remember: no matter how bad your job is, there is someone, somewhere, who has it worse. Like poor Hung. :)

Phalse Impressions said...


True I'm not Hung. Though some days I wonder if I know "Hung". There seems to be a possibility that I do know him. If not him someone close.

Anyway the conference week will be good. I have already started recruiters working for me to get a new job for the second or third week of May. I don't think I'll be renewed here.

Bubbles said...

there's still hope, but you're usually right. *sigh* at least you can always work for g ;P