Friday, March 14, 2008

And so a truth comes out ....

I'm not sure if it is the real truth or just a convenient truth but it is something. At last I have a reason why my employment was not continued. It seems that I wasn't "management enough" to be able to stay there. Considering the way that people were talking I'm not sure if this is the real reason but it is something closer than anything else that I have heard. The only part that makes this funny is I'm not sure if my boss actually knew that was the reason.

I'm not sorry to go though. The place was nice but I did start to notice some undercurrents throughout the company that I'm not sure I would have enjoyed. This saved me time about what was going on. Also the release resulted me in not having to drive through way too much snow. The other advantage is that I really don't want to be management at this stage of my life. I enjoy what I do right now and I'm not sure I could step away from that to be able to do more. I'm a System Administrator and I'm happy with that.

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