Friday, January 25, 2008

Day of sadness

I would just like to inform everyone that today reaches a bit of sadness that I have been expecting for a while now. My very first e-mail account has been closed. This account has been with me since I was in grade 8, for those mathematically challenged that makes it about 15 years. The service from the provider eventually forced me away to find greener pastures.

Because of this change please be aware that all my domain related accounts will be inactive for a week as domain ownership moves from my previous hosting service to my new one. At one point I can actually say I was a proud member of the internet community through the host but as they grew bigger they also grew less feeling to the community around them. I liked the idea of getting messages from the president every Christmas season wishing everyone a happy _______, the greeting was in about 20 different celebrations. I liked the idea that they would work on firming up the local infrastructure by connecting directly with other ISPs to create a bigger web then relying on the local major providers. But alas all that has passed and with it I sign my first e-mail account to the eternal ether and hope that things get better from here.


Bubbles said...

Why do great companies go evil when they become successful?

Phalse Impressions said...

It isn't like they turned evil. They are just neglectful and uncaring when things do go wrong. That and their account department is dumb.

Outside of the accounting department I never had issues. Talking with support or customer service was always a pleasure and never an issue. Unfortunately when the one group you talk to most often is accounting you get a sour taste in your mouth.

Bubbles said...

neglectful, then.