Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bell the stupid

Ok LF dropped us a line a couple of days ago about an outstanding modem charge after canceling our account in APRIL!

Well there was a minor bandwidth charge back in December and there was no comment about about hardware costs. Anyway we got a message from a collection agency about a charge of ~$84 outstanding on our account.

So I call the agency to find out what is going wrong. They are just out to collect the $$ so they don't know any of the real details. So I call the dreaded Bell. I start talking to someone at One-Bill billing. "I'm sorry you need Sympatico billing. Please hold on." (Transfer to Sympatico billing). There was a quick discussion about what was going on and then the person confirmed that the modem was returned in January. Excellent! Bill has now been zeroed and we owe Bell nothing. Again. For the third time since April.

Call agency back again and say all is good and you should hear from Bell about this soon. They have confirmed that the modem was returned in January and all is good. This is when the abilities of Bell far exceeded what they have previously done.

-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-
Me: They have confirmed that the modem was returned back in January and that the value of the bill has been reduced to zero in reflection of that.

Agency: Well that is odd why would they have done that? If the reason for the charge was fixed in January why did they send this notice to me in February?

Me: Because Bell is a wonderful company that is highly orderly and stands at the peak of customer service.

Agency: I detect a little sarcasm.
-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-

Anyway the conversation continued happily and all is good once again with the world with Bell fixing their problems .... Again .... For the 10 ^ 8 th time. I hope it stays that way.

I'll be calling the agency in 30 days to confirm that all is good.


Anonymous said...

Again? Well, I'm glad that's over. Until the next time...

Phalse Impressions said...

Ya the problem though is that "Until the next time" has become more like a punchline to a bad joke. I am starting to think that while I'm working here I should find the gateway into Bell and close off the account myself.

*sigh* I hate Bell.