Friday, September 01, 2006


Well it seems like my usual posting of twice a month didn't work out.

For what it is worth I have been meaning to post for the past week or so.

Our cat has been experimenting in all new lows of stupidity. He has not only a small fear of water like most other cats but a complete phobia of it. I have see him cower away from a layer of water in the shower no higher than what resistance will allow but it is still a frightening thing for him. Well Five has taken to jumping into the shower while it is on and getting completely soaked. Naturally this bother him so he takes off with a shot. If he didn't keep doing it I might actually consider it funny. I guess he just doesn't learn. Generally his intelligence seems to be slipping into his belly as he is getting fatter. I think it is time for his diet to start.

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