Sunday, June 18, 2006

FTP Server

Well after coming back from down under I found that the FTP server I ran didn't work. Actually it complained about no boot disk or something like that. Normally this would be just me kicking the box to hard and knocking a cable loose but not this time. It seems the primary hard drive on the box failed so I coulnd't boot any more :( But no worries! The only drive that failed was a very old, at that time cutting edge, Seagate 9.1 gig IDE hard drive. Needless to say I'm not surprised that it failed just a little disappointed.

Let it be known that this is the FIRST Seagate drive that I have had that has failed in all my years of happy computing. Yes that is a first in over 15 years.

Anyway I found a Western Digital drive, 6.4 gig, or something like that to replace the failed 9.1 so I'm getting back in business. THe system is currently patching so it only has another 30 minutes left before it is done patching but nothing of installing the patches.

If all goes well the system should be back online by the end of tomorrow hopefully with all the user accounts established. Since I didn't keep a record of who had access if you need it just post me here and I will send you login information where suitable. Most people that will mean phone but if you want me to e-mail it just say so.

Known users:
- Phalse Impressions (me)
- Bubbles
- The Eye
- Purple Mangos
- "The Crew"

I'll post again when FTP is fully operational.


Bubbles said...

thinking of posting any time soon?

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