Saturday, May 27, 2006


Well we are just finishing up our little tour of the world down under and we finally came across an internet connection with lots of time at a reasonable cost.

I would love to post what we have been up to but I tried it on a post card or two and it didn't turn out so well. Let's just say that we have been very busy doing lots of fun stuff. Most of the time we have been busy enough not to even see time go by so when it came time to go leave from the Brisbane it was a little surprise to all of us.

On our way down we stayed at a hostel and a Best Western. The hostel was a unique experience and I would suggest that not everyone try it. If you like a quite night it is wasn't the place to do that. Though being in a party town might have had something to do with it. The Best Western seems a little strange because really we aren't west as we are more East. Anyway since there was a big conference going on nearby, we ended up getting a "Spa" room for the cost of a normal double room which was cool. Let me tell you that was a very relaxing experience that was much needed after the previous night's stay in the party town.

We are just cruising around here looking around enjoying our time away but we are both starting to get a little home sick. I guess four weeks will do that to anyone :)

Anyway time to head off to something new and exciting!

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