Monday, January 23, 2006


Ok I was thinking at the start of last week to write about "faith". That was over ruled with my previous posts which I think is fine.

Then I thought I would post about things going on in and around my life. This would make sense since this is my blog. I decided against this.

Then I thought and decided, that I would write about "confusion". This seems to be a constant theme running through my head. I'm not confused about anything in particular but just confused about everything. It is like I'm constantly looking through a fog.

Anyone else suffer this?


Purple Mangos said...

Taddy lives her life by it. *grin*

MotivatedTea said...

Looks like lots of people are feeling the same way. I came across this link recently, although I'm sure I saw a similar story on Slashdot quite a while ago.

Purple Mangos said...

I'm sure Phalse feels better knowing that everyone in the world is at their most depressed right around now.

Actually.... now that I think of it, it _does_ make me feel better. But, then, I'm evil.

Phalse Impressions said...

Well the bright side is that it is all better from here :)

Bubbles said...

i don't know. i get the worst blahs around feb and then freak out w/ essays in march. maybe i'll be on a different cycle of blahas when i'm out of school though.

franlangley77823513 said...
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